Wilton – a Priceless Architectural Treasure – Restored and Lived In.

Wilton – A restored and Well Loved Home in the Chesapeake Bay Region of Virginia. Article from the Washington Post.

Wilton is a wonderful treasure that I  have been fortunate to visit at various times and during its recent restoration and “renewal”.   There are few homes to rival the simple beauty, purity of design and the authenticity of Wilton – so beautifully sited and restored – without ruining the intent of the original builders.  Last Summer, I was invited to come see Wilton and was given permission by the owner – Stephen Foster to take photos.  He was so gracious.

Chuck Rackley and his crew- who undertook the actual restoration work under the direction of others and I have had occasion to work together on  the care of Ben Lomond – Circa 1730 – in Essex County, which is currently under contract to close in October.

The article in the Washington Post (click link) is absolutely wonderful and worthy of sharing.  I hope it will inspire you to preserve our historic icons for future generations.


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