Mathews County, Virginia – the Pearl of the Chesapeake

This article was written by me, Karin Andrews, for the House and Home Magazine. It has since been copied in excerpts and used by others, however I am the originator of the article – printed with permission by the ever fabulous House and Home Magazine.

For Information on the New Point Comfort Lighthouse – go to this link @

Screwpile Lighthouses, like the one shown is a watercolor painted by Karin Andrews from US Lighthouse Service Records. The outbanks of North Carolina and the Lower Chesapeake Bay Region had many screwpile lighthouses that were dismantled and taken out of commission in the late 1960’s. The New Point Comfort Light is built of Stone and located on a small island. Please participate in the restoration and preservation of this great sentinel on the Lower Chesapeake Bay Region of Virginia.

Recommendation from Clients

I have known Karin Andrews for decades through a church we belonged to in Richmond. Years ago she moved back to Tappahannock and started a new life for herself there. Fairly recently, I had clients who had a waterfront property in the Northern Neck that they needed to sell and asked for my help. I knew I could count on Karin to take care of them. The sale was complicated (a home in need of attention) and the owner actually died between the time Karin got a contract and closing. She faithfully stuck with my people and got the job done and done well.

When dealing with older people, you need someone that is good and that you can trust. I give an unreserved opinion endorsing Karin and her services.

G. F. Pendleton, III
Richmond, Virginia

A Client Testimonial – De Forest – Marshall, Virginia –

Last Year I worked with a wonderful couple who purchased this home in Marshall, Virginia. My clients have become lifelong friends – which is a treasure.De Forest 10 ft ceilings 92 acres built 1967 koggan

De Forest Back of house - water side

We searched the state of Virginia for two years using many brokers and the internet, looking for our perfect retirement home. We saw many homes in that period, but none met enough of our criterion. We met Karin from one of our internet finds and though the home we saw did not fit us perfectly she asked the right questions about why that was, and asked if she might be able to call us should she come across property more in keeping with our needs; character, tall ceilings, property and water. Little did we know that “should she come across” meant she would scour the state for us for many months, showing us many promising properties and finally finding exactly what we had been looking for to make Virginia our home state. We were very fortunate to find someone as diligent as Karin, never once taking us to a property she had not previewed before, and helping us with her personal resources as well as doing substantial investigations to find other local ones to help us through the critical vetting period so essential in a property of this kind. We highly recommend Karin for anyone looking for a unique Virginia property.

Lynn and Rob Koggan
Marshall, Va.

Happy Spring!

As spring has finally sprung here in the Chesapeake Bay Region of Virginia the estate property showings have begun!  I have made new friends and showed 9 great estate properties in the last three days!

The real estate business is people business.  Thank you to those who have entrusted me with the sale of their property or their search for a fabulous estate or weekend property.  I value you and your trust in me.  Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday and a Happy Spring!