Recommendation from Clients

I have known Karin Andrews for decades through a church we belonged to in Richmond. Years ago she moved back to Tappahannock and started a new life for herself there. Fairly recently, I had clients who had a waterfront property in the Northern Neck that they needed to sell and asked for my help. I knew I could count on Karin to take care of them. The sale was complicated (a home in need of attention) and the owner actually died between the time Karin got a contract and closing. She faithfully stuck with my people and got the job done and done well.

When dealing with older people, you need someone that is good and that you can trust. I give an unreserved opinion endorsing Karin and her services.

G. F. Pendleton, III
Richmond, Virginia

One thought on “Recommendation from Clients”

  1. I would like to share our professional experience with Karin in regards to our very interesting home near Tappahannock.
    I built a 3000 sq ft strawbale home on 27 acres near Beazley VA. It is a beautiful home but because of the type of property and especially the type of construction was proving to be difficult to sell. I had been trying to sell it for 2 years and only had one contract (that fell through). We had used another realtor for several months with no success and few showings. At the time we were living in the Richmond area and were in the process of moving to a new job that would take us overseas. We needed a good realtor so we asked a very distinguished realtor in the Richmond area for a contact. He said he had just the person. He said Karin Andrews is who you want to represent you. The next day Karin contacted us and we set up a meeting. I was very unimpressed by realtors in general at this point because of some past experiences but Karin took charge immediately with her direct questions and her planning regarding the marketing of our home. She told us we needed to have it professionally cleaned and mentioned things to fix so that the home would sell more quickly. I was also very satisfied with her ability to listen and give us exactly what we wanted from her. We told her that in our past experiences realtors had not kept us well informed about showings and feedback from potential buyers. She provided us detailed text messages and phone calls about all the showings (and there were a lot). After a short 3 months we had had over a dozen showings and we were choosing from two possible contracts. Needless to say this was one of our best experiences with any realtor. Her work ethic and customer focus will impress you. It definitely impressed us.

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