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A Must See this Summer!

Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime as L’Hermione – the ship that brought Lafayette to Yorktown, essentially paving the way for the American Independence, comes to a Port near you!  She has been described as the Statue of Liberty of the Sea.  Go to the link below to find out where she will be next!

I went with my husband and daughter, to Yorktown – it was truly a highlight of our lives to see such a magnificent ship, re-created in every detail, using 18th century methods, tools, etc.  I was so excited to see the myriad of families, school groups and people from every walk of life experiencing History in a real and tangible way.   Don’t miss her!  If you are on the East Coast and have not had the opportunity to see this magnificent replica, view her schedule and find out all about her online at

The Corn Crop has been planted!

As the wife of a farmer who plants, cultivates and harvests small grains and corn, the corn crop is in and is off to a great start.  Soon we will be enjoying summer sweet corn and at the end of August thru September the grand corn harvest.  After the harvest – Dove Season sets in.  Thought this article might give those sportsmen and sportswomen out there something to look forward to.  This is my article from three years ago about Dove Hunting in Virginia.        Dove Hunting in Virginia – After the corn harvest.

Memorial Day Observances and Festivities in Virginia

This memorial day weekend, join me in praying for our nation, that politics could be put aside for the sake of the common good. Let us also never forget those who have answered the call to serve our nation and its people, the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave men and women who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice – for freedom’s sake.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there – Wishing you a truly blessed day!

As a wife and a mother, I often find that mom’s put everyone else ahead of themselves.  Rarely does anyone really notice.  This mother’s day make sure your mother knows just how much you have noticed and appreciated all the ways she shows unconditional love and sacrificial giving every day.  What are you grateful for about your Mother?  Do you have a favorite memory?