Blandfield Plantation – Caret, Virginia

Blandfield Plantation is one of the great manor houses and estates still active in Essex County, Virginia.  It is now the site of some of the greatest upland and waterfowl hunting excursions on the East Coast and also a Special Event / Wedding Venue.  I am wrote this article for the House and Home Magazine on Blandfield and the work of the ECCA.  A local group dedicated to historic preservation and also the preservation of farmland for future generations. Blandfield_article_for_house_and_home

Ben Lomond – Circa 1730 Dunnsville, VA

Ben Lomond is the only historic home deemed architecturally important enough from all of Lower Essex County, Virginia to be photographed in 1933 along with Bathurst, which no longer exists and great houses from Upper Essex, which include Elmwood, Blandfield, Brookes Bank, Edenetta and Kinloch, which is no longer standing.  Ben Lomond is currently offered for sale and presents a rare buying opportunity.  It is truly one of the last remaining Great Houses with a great historic legacy.

Gorgeous Topography and Privacy.
Gorgeous Topography and Privacy.

Ben Lomond back view for Metro Business

Ben Lomond 1


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